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WELCOME !  Centerpoint Safety Training & Protection, LLC  is a leader in firearms and personal safety training dedicated to providing safety, training, and personal protection programs to ensure the best training and education to our clients.   Our primary goal is to ensure clients are prepared to face and defeat criminal activities and protect them from becoming victims of crime.  We are a premier provider of training seminars and courses for crime prevention, safety, and personal protection to the community, civic organizations, schools, colleges, universities, and to law enforcement agencies.  Our goal is to prepare our clients to improve their personal safety strategies and awareness. We have programs for all ages to continue to address your safety concerns. 

Centerpoint has been providing training programs to the community since 2005 and looks forward to working with you in the future for your continued safety concerns.

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                    Phone: 844.8.TRAINING                         
                    Facebook:  facebook.com/centerpointtraining                      
                    Web:  www.centerpointtraining.com