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HR # 218
Law Enforcement Officer's Safety Act (LEOSA) Qualification under the PA Retired Law Enforcement Indentification Act     
     - All retired Law Enforcement Officers requesting qualification must provide a retired Law Enforcement Identification Card from their department as well as a second form of Identification such as a (driver's license) and complete all forms provided by RLEIA and the Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission (MPOETC).
     - The handgun course of fire consists of at least 50 rounds of duty ammunition provided by the applicant.
     -  All applicants must pass with at least a minimum qualification score of 75%.
     - The cost for qualification includes the targets, range time,  and supervision of one of our Certified LE Firearms Instructors.
     -  When you pass we will issue you the appropriate documention to present to the Sheriffs / Police agency to receive your permit.
     - You must complete each course with your own firearm. Ammunition for this qualification must be of (duty type) ammunition provide by you.

 If you are a retired Law Enforcement Officer who is interested in qualifying then call us at 844-8-TRAINING or email us at  for more details and scheduling. 

LEO Simunitions Scenario Training Courses

LEO 501 - Conservation Officer Scenario Training.  This course is an 8 hour course designed to take the Conservation Officer or prospective CO through a variety of real life scenarios that forces the officer to make critical decisions quickly.  The course is not designed to instruct on tactics, however will provide the individual officer opportunities to work through scenarios in accordance with his/her department's policies and training.  The scenarios include vehicle stops, field interviews, reacting to a mentally disturbed individual, room clearing, cabin searches, woodland searches, and aggressive behaviors. 

LEO 502 - Building Entry and Room Clearing.  This course is a 4 hour training course designed to give Law Enforcement Officers scenarios involving building entry, room clearing, and "choke"point exercises.  

LEO 503 - Vehicle Stop Scenario Training.  This is a 4 hour training course designed to give Law Enforcement Officers scenarios based on vehicle stops and searches. 

Customised Law Enforcement Simunitions Scenarios are availabe for your department's needs.